I’ve learned that if you don’t make an active effort to get away from your daily life, and get together with friends or go on holiday life will grab, chew and spit you out. We need time away, we need each other. I always thought that if you truly do what you love you wont need a days leave in your life. This idea though is flawed…

No matter what people need a break from our usual surroundings, and go into new surroundings, and even better is to do this with friends.

So this is what we’ve done. It isn’t always easy to schedule times like these. People are busy and to get even a weekend with dear friends can be a challenge. This is why we planned a weekend away to Ballito, Durban. It will be a short ‘get away’ but it will be well worth it.

We used to go to Ballito every April holiday when I was a kid. I have not been there in almost 15 years I think. It will be great to see the place again, the main beach, the little hiding spots we played in as a kid.

Here’s to friends, holidays and the refreshing of the soul!