I’ve learned over the years that whenever someone has a spiritual crisis, or an issue with God, or an issue in their lives that most of the times it is directly related to their perception of who/what/how God is. If you are unsure about the character of God then you will find yourself aiming all your efforts in the wrong direction. You will find yourself blaming, doubting or even cursing God instead of knowing what the real cause of your issue is.

Example: I am struggling  financially, why is God not blessing me?

A) It must be because I sinned the other day, I must stop sinning and live more obediently, or
B) I am already living a Godly life, God must not love me and care for me at all. He is not as loving as I thought or
C) God does not bless us here on this earth in the way I’ve been taught

Do you see how not being sure about the character of God can lead to a completely incorrect conclusion about your issue? Which leads to further incorrect views and pointing of fingers in the wrong direction? Because there exists a certain expectation from God (which we simply believe to be correct without waver) we deal so horribly with disappointment when this expectation is not met.

I’ve learnt a few things about God and made a decision a while back to never ever doubt the truths I’ve established about Him ever again. Here’s one of them:

God is good all the time. Sounds cliché right, but I keep telling myself this whenever something challenging or bad happens. Struggling with relationships? Well its not God giving you this struggle, because He wants the best for you. Didn’t get that raise or increase? Well it’s NOT God’s will because He wants us to prosper and be abundant, even financially. Is He the one that gives us the job, car, blessing or meets our expectation? I don’t know… but what I do know is He is the source of what is good, pure and love. This I will hold onto forever.

For me this is one of the core characteristics of God. He is good! He never punishes, loads guilt, holds back on a blessing or causes fear. Knowing this does not take the worry away, or the issue away, but knowing this leads me to believe that the problem is somewhere else. Either with me, or with the devil.

We need to get established in these core truths of who God is, and what He is like. Not knowing this is like a boat being tossed around by the waves with no clear direction. What are your core beliefs about God? Do you have any? Start writing them down and put them up somewhere where you can see them…