One of the things we’ve been doing the last couple of months is visiting FORA, Friends of Rescued Animals. This is a pro-life animal shelter. They take in lost and abused dogs and re-habilitate them. Check their website for more info. They are really doing an awesome job.

We go there on Sundays generally and walk the dogs, help where we can. This has been an awesome experience for all of us. Initially I thought I would not be able to handle it, seeing all the caged up dogs. But this was not the case at all. This place really takes care of these dogs. They have big enough cages and people volunteer and give them the dear love they need. The human touch, the pat, the walk.

The photo is one specific dog that I really fell in love with, the poor guy is extremely afraid of people. Once you enter the pen, which is about 10×10 meters this one runs to the back where he hides in the corner. the first few times I was not even able to get close to him. He was a fear biter. But this photo shows how close I was able to get Yesterday. I just sit close to him. That’s all. He needs to learn that humans do not harm, be do not beat and cause fear.

One day I will be able to take this guy for a walk. 🙂

Adopt an animal! Do not buy!