What is your favorite Submarine movies? I finally got a good copy of Das Boot, a move I’ve been wanting to watch for ages now, and wow… I loved it! After watching this, I started going through my other submarine movies, and I decided to compile this list:
In no particular order:
Das Boot:
I loved that there is finally a German movie that shows the war from their side. This Submarine movie was pure class. How about that ending! Huh! Huh!! 🙂
The Hunt for Red October
I love how Sean Connery speaks German for the first 5 minutes of the film and then all of a sudden they all start speaking English. But still .. awesome movie!
Crimson tide
Probably the first one I watched, Denzil was in his prime here. Classic movie, and make you wonder how many times we’ve been this close to nuclear war.
Matthew Mcconaughey. Another good movie, not the best one on the list, but still very enjoyable.
The Abyss
Not sure if this really classifies as a Submarine movie, but it is underwater, and there is ships that move underwater. So yeah… I put it on this list. Awesome movie… This is a must see!!