I have learnt this lesson a long time ago, and I want to dedicate this post to some of the awesome new friends that have moved into my life recently.

Being married (for almost a year now!!) changes your friendships. Not only for you when you get married, but also when your friends get married. People’s priorities change. There was a period in my life where a certain group of friends where priority number one in my life. This changes. It does by no means mean I value these friends any less.  Our friendships will still go on into the foreseeable future. It simply means I have someone else, my wife who moved to the top of the list.

I don’t like calling it “a list” or making a comparison, but the fact is that certain great friends feature less in ones life when life gets in the way or when life changes. It  may be a phase, or it may be for good. Get used to it, don’t force it and do your best to stay in touch.

The same way new friends come along and fit into your life. And they fit like a glove. It requires no effort or scheduling catch-up’s 3 weeks in advance. It just works. And this is what I am thankful for. Friends play one of the most important roles in ones life. I’ve respected and cultivated this for a long time now.

My friends helped shape me into who I am Today.