I had a bit of a revelation today thanks to a teaching by Bill Johnson. It is about how we have the ability to bless one another with the words we speak, and how much power our words have. I am a huge fan of speaking life so reading this was right up my alley. He says that these days when people sow seeds into the land first the land is prepared, usually with a plough. Then once the land is ready the seed is sown onto the already prepared land.

Interestingly this process was the other way around in the olden days. Back then the seed was first sown and only afterwards did the plough come work the seed into the land.

This puts an awesome new perspective on Jesus’ teaching on the sowing of the seeds. Now we can rest assured that whenever we sow seed with the words we speak, be in to friends, family or whoever we can KNOW that the plough will come and work our seed into the land, preparing it to germinate and to start growing.

Whenever we speak life to someone speak a blessing and speak life. We can rest assured that God will come and work our words into the life of that person. It is after all HIS word that we are sowing to begin with.