I thought I’d post some of the things that I really love spending my time on lately. Call it hobbies, call it time wasters, call it whatever you want… but these are the things I simply love doing:

Diablo 3: Yup…. I am hooked, after the initial range of issues they had with the launch, I am in it and levelled my monk up to level 60 almost a month ago. Now I am busy farming Act 1 Inferno. Haha… Whenever I have some alone time, this is where it is spent, I can go all night with this. Yup… Geek I know.


Game of Thrones: Ok so season 2 is done, and the wait for season 3 is almost another year… but this series is simply awesome. One of the best series I’ve watched ever!


My Wife, haha… ok this one might seem a bit cheesy, but fact is there’s nothing better than doing nothing with my wife. Chatting, watching something, going out, etc.

Tour de France: Once you know what’s really happening here you will be hooked! Don’t think this is just a group of guys that cycel every day with a last minute dash to the finish line. No way. There is so much more happening here. These are some of the best athletes in the world! gotta love le tour!