One of the biggest changes I’ve had in my life over the last 2 years (Which probably had a lot to do with getting married) was getting into the habit of being a positive person that speaks life. This is a very spiritual thing for me… for us. We deeply believe that the words you speak carry weight, meaning and power.

The power of life and death lies in the tongue. This does not have to be physical death, but spiritual death or life.

Thanks to an awesome wife this journey has really been a blast. Being positive in the midst of trials and troubles is not always easy. But I have come to learn that trials and troubles that come across our lives is an¬†opportunity¬†to have a positive expectancy of GOOD. If everything is always going well when will you ever have a need to have things turn out for the better? No.. it is the trial, the temptation, the trouble that arrives and allows us to stand in the positive hope of something Good that can .. WILL … come out of it. This is the words we speak, this is the goodness we proclaim everyday.

Speak Life.